What Does Tobacco Smell Like?

farmer harvesting tobacco leaves in morning sun

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A lot of people think they won’t enjoy the scent of tobacco in candles and other home fragrance products. This is usually because they associate it with the thought of walking into a smoke-filled bar or emptying an ashtray. However, the truth is that tobacco fragrance notes smell nothing like cigarette smoke. So, what does tobacco smell like? 

You could try one of our candles that features tobacco notes, like our France Candle, to find out, or you could keep reading to learn more about this scent and determine whether it’s right for you. 

What Tobacco Smells Like

The experience of smelling a tobacco-scented candle is entirely different from that of stepping into a crowded, smoky room. While there are a few variations, tobacco usually has a seductive, sweet and lightly smoky feel. It is commonly paired with cherry or vanilla to create a fragrance reminiscent of pipe tobacco. It also works well with floral and spice notes. 

A dried tobacco leaf has a sweet, earthy aroma and even has medicinal uses. It doesn’t have the heavily smoky, chemical smell of cigarette smoke because it has not been smoked yet. Instead, it has a rich, masculine aroma that’s herbaceous, woody and even a little bit powdery. It reminds some folks of the scent of pipe tobacco on their grandfather’s clothing. For others, it’s reminiscent of the smell inside a humidor. 

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Experience Tobacco Scented Candles from Homesick

At Homesick, many of our candles feature the intoxicating aroma of tobacco paired with other scents to create truly unique fragrance experiences. If you’d like to experience this fragrance note for yourself, try one of the candles below. 

North Carolina Candle

homesick north carolina candle

Escape to the Smoky Mountains and enjoy the scent of tobacco with our North Carolina Candle. This candle features top notes of tobacco, peach and blackberry paired with sugar, clove and cinnamon. Tonka bean, amber and vanilla base notes round this scent out with a touch of sweetness. 

Nashville Candle

Experience the feeling of walking into a local honky tonk with our Nashville Candle. You don’t even have to enjoy country music to love this little slice of Music City, USA. Tobacco, bergamot and maple form the top notes of this fragrance. Patchouli (what does patchouli smell like?), vanilla and cedarwood comprise the mid notes, while the base notes include musk, tonka bean and sandalwood.

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Montreal Candle

You don’t have to leave the country to envelop yourself in the scents of Montreal. Our Montreal candle features top notes of rain, wet cobblestones and baguettes followed by tobacco, rosebud and vetiver mid notes. Finally, vanilla, amber and guaiac wood form the base notes of this unique fragrance experience.

Houston Candle

Explore the scents of the Lonestar State with our Houston Candle. Bergamot and white grapefruit top notes offer some cool relief from the sweltering heat, while mid notes of brushed suede and leather and tobacco, mandarin and hay base notes round out this exciting fragrance experience. 

Sagittarius Candle

homesick sagittarius candle

Our Sagittarius Candle is perfect for those born under this astrological sign and anyone who has a thirst for knowledge, adventure and just a little bit of mischief. Illuminate your space with this candle and enjoy top notes of thyme, sage and verbena; tobacco, musk and vetiver mid notes; and base notes of lavender and sandalwood. 

Capricorn Candle

If you are driven by a desire to succeed or were born between December 22 and January 19, check out our Capricorn Candle. Since Capricorns are natural leaders, it only makes sense that this fragrance starts with refreshing top notes of bergamot, amber and citron. Tobacco and teakwood form the mid notes, while white whiskey and cedar bark base notes round out this rich scent. 

Black Tux Candle

Part of our Wedding Collection, our Black Tux Candle features masculine aromas reminiscent of the groom and his groomsmen. It starts with top notes of smoked tobacco, bergamot and leather, followed by brushed suede, santal and dark bourbon mid notes. Cashmere, musk, teakwood and vetiver base notes provide a seductive finish. 

Find Tobacco Candles You’ll Love

If you’re on the fence about tobacco fragrance, give it a try! You’ll likely be surprised by just how pleasant this unique scent is. Try one of the candles above or browse our complete collection to uncover other intoxicating aromas.