How to Use Candles for Decoration

How to Use Candles for Decoration

Candles do more than just envelop you in pleasant aromas and illuminate your space. They are also aesthetically pleasing and serve as beautiful home decor items. Decorating your home with candles allows you to create a warm, welcoming environment you’ll love returning to at the end of a long day. And since candles also have therapeutic properties, they can transform any space into a retreat from the stressors of everyday life. They can even boost your creativity, help you relax when you are feeling anxious or trigger positive memories and emotions. 

Learning how to use candles for decoration doesn’t have to be difficult. Even when they are not illuminated, they add a touch of sophistication and serve as lovely decor pieces. However, there are some things you should keep in mind to ensure you use your candles to their highest potential. Keep reading to discover some tips on how to use candles for decoration in every room of your home! 

Decorate with a Memory Candle

Start with High-Quality Candles

When decorating your home, the dollar store probably isn’t the best place to search for candles. While you may be able to find some cheap candles that look nice, they won’t have the same fragrance or longevity as a higher-quality one. You also won’t see as much variety. Whether you’re searching for the perfect candle for your bedroom or seeking zodiac candles to connect with your astrological sign, you’re much better off choosing a company that specializes in candles — like Homesick. 

Aquarius Candle

Candles come in varying sizes, shapes and colors. The packaging also varies. Our candles are white with simple labels, making them a lovely, minimalistic addition to any space. You don’t need to worry about clashing colors or strange shapes. Each of our candles is designed to deliver incredible fragrances and provide illumination without looking tacky. 

High-quality candles from trusted lifestyle brands are safer too. We make ours using 100-percent organic cotton wicks and a natural blend of soy wax. Whether you choose one of our wedding candles, a state candle or something else, our products are non-toxic and free of synthetic dyes, lead, phthalates, plastics and paraben. They’re designed to deliver long-lasting aroma without putting your family’s health at risk. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for cheap candles manufactured by brands that don’t share our values and commitment to quality and safety.  

Keep Safety in Mind

Being safe while using candles is crucial. To keep yourself, your family and your home safe, remember the following tips: 

  • Keep the wick trimmed to about ¼ inch at all times to prevent overheating and smoking. 
  • Place candles on stable, heatproof surfaces or in heat-resistant holders. 
  • When decorating with candles, never place them near curtains, blankets, books, etc. 
  • Refrain from using a candle for more than three hours at a time. 
  • Don’t leave illuminated candles unattended. 

Use Candles as Decor Throughout Your Home

Candles are welcome additions to any room, and they work with any aesthetic. Here are some suggestions for using candles for decoration throughout your home. 

how to use candles in the living room

Living Room

The living room is one of the most obvious places to decorate using candles. The warm glow of candles makes the space feel more relaxing and inviting and can add a touch of romance in the evening. Whether you are unwinding by yourself at the end of a long day or spending time with family or friends, candles do an exceptional job of transforming any living into a cozy, welcoming space. 

Consider placing candles in decorative holders on your coffee table or a side table along with a few small accent pieces. You could also put them on a simple heatproof tray or trivet on your mantle or a window sill (as long as there are no curtains or drapes nearby). Have an unused fireplace? Arrange multiple candles inside to create a stunning focal point for your living room. 

For a unique look, invest in candle wall sconces or hanging candle holders. Use them as an alternative to your bright ceiling light when you want to infuse the room with warmth and positivity. 

When it comes to fragrances for the living room, there are several options from which to choose. Cedar, sandalwood, cinnamon and pine scents are excellent for maximizing coziness. Try candles with floral or fruity scents if you want your living room to feel fresh, clean and energized. 

four twenty candle with kitchen decor

Dining Room

A pretty candle is a perfect centerpiece for any dining room table. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they’re functional. They provide soft lighting that is ideal for intimate dinners shared with friends and loved ones. When paired with a fresh bouquet of flowers, they become even more stunning. However, choosing your scent carefully is important. You don’t want the candle to prevent you from enjoying how wonderful your meal smells. 

When choosing candles for your dining room, look for light fragrances that aren’t overpowering. Fresh citrus fragrances, like those found in our Let’s Toast Candle, work well because they won’t interfere with the aromas of your meal. Light floral scents are suitable too. We recommend avoiding woodsy scents in this area. 

Home Office

Do you spend your day working in a home office? If so, adding a candle or two is a great way to decorate the space and give your brain a boost. Place a candle on your desk or a shelf to make your office more comfortable and inviting while enhancing your work performance. 

Invigorating fragrances are ideal for offices because they can energize you, boost your creativity and enhance productivity. A candle containing fragrance notes of rosemary can do all of those things while improving your memory and enhancing mental alertness. Peppermint and eucalyptus are energizing aromas too. Peppermint also aids in concentration. If you need a creative boost or some help getting through your afternoon slump, try bright citrus scents. 

how to use candles in the bathroom


Create a spa-like experience in your bathroom by strategically decorating with candles. Few things are more relaxing than soaking in a nice, warm bath surrounded by fragrant candles. Scatter a few candles along the edge of your bathtub or place them on your counter. A candle is a lovely addition to a bath tray as well. You could even install decorative hanging candle holders to add to your favorite candles’ aesthetic appeal. 

When it comes to bathroom fragrances, less is more. Decorating with candles offers the additional benefit of eliminating unpleasant odors, but don’t overdo it. Since you likely keep the door closed while in the bathroom, you don’t want to use candles with strong, overpowering fragrances. Choose clean scents to keep your bathroom smelling fresh throughout the day. Linen and ocean breeze are excellent options. 

When you want to indulge your senses while relaxing in the bath, look for soothing fragrances like lavender, jasmine and magnolia. Featuring top notes of oud wood and Muguet paired with mid notes of cucumber water and melon and lemon peel and patchouli base notes, our Spa-cation Candle is an excellent choice for the bathroom. Plus, our white candles are perfect for creating a sophisticated, spa-like appearance. 

how to use candles in the bedroom


Lighting candles in your bedroom is a relaxing way to end your day. Candles can make the room feel more romantic too. Place one on your bedside table in a decorative holder or on a heat-resistant plate. Arrange a few candles on a mirrored tray atop your dresser to create a lovely, romantic glow. Add some other small decorative items to the tray to transform it into a stunning focal piece for the room. 

Would you like to decorate your bedroom and infuse it with fragrance all day (and night) long? If so, consider using a reed diffuser. Unlike candles, reed diffusers don’t need to be lit to enjoy their fragrance. They don’t even require electricity like ultrasonic fragrance oil diffusers. Reed diffusers deliver pleasant aromas 24/7 with minimal maintenance. Simply place one on your nightstand, dresser or window sill and flip the reeds every two to three weeks to maintain freshness. The fragrance oil included with our reed diffusers lasts two to three months, so these home fragrance products are as long-lasting as they are beautiful. 

Lavender and jasmine are wonderful scents for bedrooms because of their naturally relaxing properties. Try our Wildflowers Candle, which also includes geranium, vanilla flower, amber, peony, sandalwood, magnolia and rose notes. Our Evening Unwind candle is perfect for the bedroom too. When you want to up the romance, try fragrances like musk, cashmere, ylang-ylang and oud. Check out our Date Night candle and enjoy a cozy evening at home with someone special. 

Make Candles the Highlight of Your Hygge Home Decor

As someone who enjoys candles, your home probably already has some elements of Hygge. What is Hygge decor?  Originating in Denmark, Hygge is the Nordic art of coziness. The concept has been around since the 1800s but has become extremely popular over the last few years as people seek to transform their homes into simple, relaxing retreats from the outside world. 

decor and candles on shelves

Candles are a huge part of Hygge. In fact, 85 percent of Danes associate candles with Hygge more than any other element. And since Denmark is the happiest country in the world, it seems that Danish people are on to something! 

Lighting is an essential element of Hygge. In Danish, candles are called levende lys, which translates to “living light.” Because Denmark gets so little natural light during the long winter months, Danes strive to illuminate their spaces to make them cozier and more inviting. The natural, living light from candles provides instant Hygge and is considered superior to the bright glow of electric lights. 

If you want to live like the Danes and experience increased happiness, using candles for decoration is a must. Place them individually or arrange them in groups of three to five to form well-lit areas in your home. Hygge candles should be simple in design, so our minimalistic candles are perfect. They should also be as natural as possible and contain only natural fragrances. Avoid artificial, chemical-laden scents. 

Experiencing Hygge through fragrance requires cozy, relaxing aromas. Candles featuring notes of vanilla and earthy scents are always excellent choices. Other warm and comforting scents to look for include tobacco, leather, amber and woodsy fragrances like balsam. Our Montreal Candle would be a lovely addition to any Hygge home. It’s difficult not to feel warm and cozy while enveloped in the aroma of freshly baked bread and damp cobblestones paired with vanilla, tobacco, amber, rosebud and other soothing scents. 

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Take Your Candles Outside

There is no rule stating that you can only use candles to decorate your home’s interior. They make stunning outdoor decor too. If you love spending time outside, create a candle arrangement for your porch. Or, instead of illuminating the area with fairy lights, install hanging candle holders or lanterns. There’s nothing better than relaxing under the stars on a warm summer evening while enjoying the warm glow and pleasant scents of candles. 

autumn hayride candle outdoor table

Using candles as outdoor decorations can serve a functional purpose too. They can help keep mosquitoes at bay. While citronella is the fragrance most commonly associated with repelling mosquitoes, it is not the only one. Lavender, geranium and peppermint can ward off insects too. Try our South Dakota Candle, which features top notes of lavender, or check out our Montana Candle if you’d rather give a fragrance with peppermint top notes a try. 

Closing Thoughts

Whether you are decorating your home’s interior or exterior, candles make a lovely addition to any space. Their warm glow and indulgent fragrances enhance coziness and can make any house feel more like home.

At Homesick, we have candles for decoration that are suitable for every home and test. No matter what aesthetic you prefer, our minimalist candles fit into any decor scheme. Browse the complete collection today to discover your new favorite home decor accessory.