Transport Yourself to the Tropics! What Does Tropical Smell Like?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend your days lounging on the beach with a fruity drink instead of spending them at work? Or if you could ditch the snow and cold and spend winters in the tropics? You’re probably unable to quit your job or take a tropical vacation whenever you please, but you can enjoy the scents of clean white beaches, fresh fruit and water from your home or office with candles inspired by the tropics. 

tropical beach with turquoise waters and white sands

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When you imagine tropical scents, the fruity smell of pineapple, the sweetness of coconut or the clean aroma of the ocean may be the first things that come to mind. Or you might think of hibiscus flowers, musk and vanilla. “Tropical” is a pretty broad scent description, so, if you encounter it while shopping for candles, you might not be sure what exactly it means. So, what does tropical smell like? Keep reading to uncover the answer. 

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What Does Tropical Smell Like? 

Tropical scents feature an array of fragrance notes. Some are mostly fruity with hints of sweetness, while others are more reminiscent of the ocean. Others are filled with the aromas of tropical foliage. Any scent that you might associate with a tropical destination can be found in tropics-inspired home fragrance products like our Hawaii Candle. Tropical scents are diverse, and there are appealing options for both men and women. And since they are inspired by several destinations, finding one reminiscent of your favorite destination is a breeze. 

Discover Tropical Candles at Homesick

At Homesick, we offer several candles featuring the alluring aromas of tropical locales. Whether your dream vacation involves lying on a white sand beach with a fruity drink in hand or you prefer something a bit more adventurous, there’s sure to be something you love in our collection. Check out our top tropical scents below! 

Hawaii Candle

Say aloha to our Hawaii candle and envelope yourself in the scents of the islands. This fragrance blends fruity pineapple and coconut with notes of the seashore, cyclamen flowers, musk, vanilla and sugar to form a perfect island-inspired aroma. Think of it as a vacation in a candle! 

Australia Homesick Candle

homesick australia candle on night stand

Want to take a trip down under? Check out the Australia Homesick Candle. Part of our Countries collection, it features fragrances reminiscent of sun-kissed skin and long summer days spent at the beach. Top notes of chocolate, rose and eucalyptus mingle with saltwater, lily and jasmine mid-notes and musk, amber, sunscreen and sandalwood base notes to form a home fragrance that’s every bit as good as a day spent gathered ‘round the barbie. 

Beach Cottage Candle

If you’re yearning for a low-key escape from your day-to-day life, try our Beach Cottage Candle. Rather than wild beach parties and barbecues, this fragrance will remind you of quiet, peaceful days at the water’s edge. Sea air, marine and musk blend with sandalwood, bergamot, tonka bean and amber to form the aroma of salty ocean air, driftwood and hot, sun-baked sand. Illuminate your office with this candle, and for a little while you just might forget you’re at work. 

Mexico Candle

Head south of the border with our Mexico Candle. It features top notes of smoked birch and butter followed by caraway and jalapeno mid-notes and sugar, cream and tortilla base notes to create an intoxicating aroma that will make you feel like you’re sipping tequila in your favorite cantina.

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Galapagos Island Candle

Our Galapagos Island Candle is an excellent choice if you’re looking for some adventure. It features palo santo, coconut and sandalwood base notes with top notes of oakmoss, lily of the valley and wild fern and citron, rain and prickly pear top notes. A unique tropical scent, it’s perfect if you’re looking to escape the ordinary. 

Great Barrier Reef Candle

homesick great barrier reef candle

Dive in and explore one of the most remarkable coral reefs in the world — the Great Barrier Reef. Our Great Barrier Reef Candle is infused with the aromas of ocean air and sea salt blended with citron, kelp, moss, pomelo, driftwood, amber and eucalyptus to create a one-of-a-kind scent experience you have to smell for yourself. 

Enjoy a Tropical Getaway with Homesick

We might not be able to take you on a tropical vacation, but our candles offer a mental escape from the mundane. Try one for yourself to experience how certain aromas can transport you to your favorite places. Check out our complete collection today to discover your favorite scent.