The Scent Guide: What Does Whiskey Smell Like?

Whiskey isn’t just intoxicating when ingested. It also has an intoxicating aroma that envelops the senses and blends well with many other scents. If you have ever cracked open a bottle of whiskey or enjoyed a glass during a night out, you already know what this alcoholic beverage smells like. You may not be able to put the description into words, but you could likely recognize it with a single whiff. Even if you are familiar with the drink, though, that doesn’t necessarily mean you know what whiskey-scented candles and other products smell like. 

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Much like cashmere and many other scents, whiskey fragrance doesn’t smell exactly like the product for which it’s named. Let’s face it; most folks wouldn’t want their home smelling like the inside of a bar! Whiskey is a much-loved fragrance note not because it smells like liquor but because it has a deep, rich aroma that’s uniquely masculine and sensual. At Homesick, we have several candles and other home fragrance products that feature this intoxicating aroma. So, what does whiskey smell like? Find out the answer below. 

What Does Whiskey Smell Like? 

Crack open a bottle of Jack Daniels (or your preferred brand), and you’ll be hit by a plethora of aromas. Your nose will detect grainy, woody and fruity notes along with hints of sweet caramel and grass. Whiskey also often has traces of creamy, buttery aromas.But what about the whiskey fragrance we use in our candles? 

As a home fragrance, whiskey’s scent is an intoxicating blend of aromas. It is a warm, sophisticated fragrance featuring notes of alcohol, oak, dried fruits and spices. Your nose may also detect hints of honey, chocolate and patchouli. And don’t worry. While this fragrance includes alcohol notes, it won’t leave your home smelling like a distillery. 

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Often found in candles that smell like cologne, whiskey is a masculine fragrance that pairs well with leather. Whether you enjoy its namesake beverage or not, it is a scent that is definitely worth checking out. 

Find Whiskey Candles You Will Love

We have several candles featuring the intoxicating aroma of whiskey here at Homesick. If this fragrance is one of your favorites or you’re looking for a gift for the special man in your life, the candles below are perfect choices. 

Nashville Candle

A member of our Cities collection, our Nashville Candle features a blend of whiskey and other scents to take you on a trip to Music City, USA. You’ll experience top notes of maple, tobacco and bergamot with a single sniff, followed by cedarwood, patchouli and vanilla mid-notes and sandalwood, musk and tonka bean base notes. Combined, they invoke the image of enjoying a whiskey on the rocks at an old-time honky tonk while Hank Williams croons on the jukebox. 

Tennessee Candle

homesick tennessee candle

Our Tennessee Candle features musk, guaiac wood and clove with sandalwood, patchouli and magnolia mid-notes. Lemon, whiskey and bergamot top notes round out this intoxicating fragrance and will make you think of sipping your favorite single-malt whiskey on the front porch on a Southern summer evening. If you are looking for a rich scent to help you unwind and enjoy life at a slower pace, this is the one for you. 

Toronto Candle

Toronto is the next step on our tour of whiskey-infused fragrances. Our Toronto Candle provides an aromatic blend of whiskey, musk and vanilla base notes and smoked bacon and cherry blossom mid-notes along with clove, amber and citron top notes. With scents inspired by all four seasons, it’s the perfect fragrance for experiencing a year in the Great North, no matter where you live. 

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Capricorn Candle

homesick capricorn candle on table

Though inspired by the traits of those born under the Capricorn astrological sign, our Capricorn Candle is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a warm, woody scent. It features base notes of white whiskey and cedar bark along with tobacco and teakwood mid-notes and amber, bergamot and citron top notes. It isn’t overly masculine, so it’s an excellent way to experience the softer side of whiskey fragrances. 

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If you haven’t experienced the aroma of whiskey-scented home fragrance products for yourself, you’re missing out! At Homesick, we have several products featuring this unique fragrance. Try one of the candles above or check out our complete collection to discover intoxicating aromas to suit any taste.