5 Best Gifts for Star Wars Fans

Giving a perfect gift means selecting something that aligns with the recipient’s tastes and interests. It’s pretty straightforward when shopping for someone with whom you share similar interests, but, sometimes, it’s a lot more challenging. When you need a gift for someone special who has a niche interest with which you aren’t familiar, finding the right thing can be tricky. 

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Even if you are not a fan of the saga yourself, there’s a good chance that someone in your circle is a Star Wars fan. While you could give them yet another coffee mug or vinyl figure to add to their collection, giving something more unique shows that you put some thought and effort into finding something special. If you’re looking for gifts for Star Wars fans, we’re here to help! Keep reading to discover a few of our top picks. 

1. Star Wars Candles

homesick star wars the death star candle

Give the Star Wars fan in your life one of our Star Wars candles (or the entire collection!) and transport them to their favorite fictional universe. Inspired by a galaxy far, far away, these candles will let any fan experience the space saga in a brand-new way. They can board the Death Star and experience the chilling aromas of cement and steel combined with amber and leather, or they can ride alongside Luke Skywalker as he travels the dusty terrain of Tattoine while enjoying the scents of desert shrubs, dunes and canyons. They could even forage with Ewoks and enjoy the fresh, clean aromas of ferns, pine and light floral notes of Endor. 

Our Star Wars Collection also includes a Grogu freshener that’s as adorable as it is fragrant. Featuring top notes of lavender, marine and rosemary followed by gardenia and amber mid-notes and sea moss vetiver and patchouli base notes, it’s a welcome addition to any car or small space. 

2. Astrology Candle

Are you looking for something a bit more subtle and creative than a candle directly inspired by the movie franchise? Astrology candles are an excellent alternative. Featuring scents inspired by the 12 zodiac signs, they’re a perfect choice for the fan who already has nearly every piece of Star Wars memorabilia imaginable. Since their fragrances are inspired by the treats of those born under each sign, they have more of a personal touch. Give a Star Wars candle and an astrology candle if you’re looking to “wow” your recipient! 

Tip: Shopping for a faraway friend? Learn how to ship candles safely.

3. Star Wars Cookbooks

star wars figurines with baked goods

Source: Bubbers BB/Shutterstock.com

Do you know someone who loves Star Wars and cooking? If so, they are sure to love a Star Wars cookbook. There are several titles on the market, so you should be above to find one to suit any palate. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook is a top pick with recipes inspired by the Galaxy’s Edge-themed lands at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Shopping for someone with a sweet tooth? Check out The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Pies, Clone Scones, and Other Galactic Goodies

To take this gift to the next level, include some Star Wars-inspired cookware. From the Han Solo Carbonite roaster from Le Creuset to Light Saber spatulas from Sur la Table, there are plenty of options. 

4. Custom Star Wars Pet Portrait

Does your favorite Star Wars fan love their pet just as much as they love their favorite saga? A custom Star Wars pet portrait is a one-of-a-kind gift they won’t receive from anyone else. Submit a picture of their pet, and an artist will turn them into a Jedi, Stormtrooper or canine or feline version of the recipient’s favorite character. Portraits are available as digital downloads, canvas prints and posters, so there are suitable options for everyone. 

5. Tickets to Visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World or Disneyland

When you’re looking for a gift that’s sure to blow the recipient away, tickets to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland or Walt Disney World are the way to go. Every fan should get to visit one of these lands at least once. And since both locations are identical, it doesn’t matter which one you send them to. These lands are filled with unique experiences, and they’re designed to appeal to fans of all ages. 


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Don’t give the Star Wars fan in your life another generic piece of merch to add to their collection. Instead, shop for something unique that will remind them of you every time they use it. Browse our collection of Star Wars Candles or check out any of the other ideas above.