When to Decorate for Fall (and Why It’s Never Too Early)

When to Decorate for Fall (and Why It’s Never Too Early)

There’s a particular kind of magic in the air as summer gracefully fades to autumn. It’s a time when nature becomes an artist, painting the world with the warm, rustic hues of fall. Crisp air, rustling leaves and the promise of cozy moments by the fire encourage us to slow down, savor life’s simple pleasures and embrace the beauty of the changing seasons.

Fall, with its vibrant colors and a symphony of scents, is when we trade our sun hats for scarves, our sandals for boots and our beach towels for blankets. It’s also a time when our homes become cozy places of refuge where we can bask in the warm and welcoming embrace of the season. With the first day of autumn on the horizon, you might be wondering when to decorate for fall. The good news is that it’s never too early! Whether you shop for fall candles or swap out your bright summer decor for something more subdued, now is an excellent time to start embracing the magic of fall. 

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Fall Decorating: a Timeline

Decorating for fall is not just about transforming your space. It’s about immersing yourself in the season’s beauty and bringing its splendor into your home. Not sure when to start decorating? Here’s a helpful timeline! 

fall decorating a timeline

Late Summer (August): the Pre-Fall Prelude

Late summer offers a gentle introduction to the wonders of fall. As nature begins its gradual transition, consider incorporating sunflowers, woven textures and rustic tableware into your decor. This is also the perfect time to introduce early fall candles with warm, spicy scents that foreshadow the season ahead. It’s never too soon to indulge your senses with a pumpkin candle

Early September: Embracing the Equinox

As the autumn equinox nears, it’s time to embrace the heart of the season. Introduce more definitive fall elements into your decor like autumn-themed throw pillows, welcoming wreaths and fall-colored blankets.

Mid-September to Early October: Full-Fledged Fall

By mid-September, your home should be fully immersed in the essence of fall. It’s time to go all out with pumpkins, gourds and a rich palette of autumnal colors. Your fall scents list should include an array of comforting aromas. Imagine the scent of apple cinnamon, pumpkin, chai and other fall favorites filling your space and welcoming you home each day.

Late October: the Lead-Up to Halloween

As late October approaches, start adding spooky touches to your decor if you enjoy Halloween. Now is the time for ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons and other seasonal favorites. Whether you go all-out or keep things simple with just a few Halloween decorations, have fun with it! 

November: Transitioning to Thanksgiving

As the spooky season ends and the season of thankfulness begins, think about harvest-themed centerpieces, gratitude-inspired wall art and candles that evoke warm, happy feelings. Your space should exude a sense of contentment and gratitude as you gather with loved ones to celebrate everything you have before heading into the often chaotic holiday season.

autumn kitchen interior

Why Start Early?

When you start decorating for fall in late summer or early September, you get to enjoy the season for as long as possible. It’s like savoring a delicious meal slowly and appreciating each bite rather than rushing through it. This extended enjoyment allows you to immerse yourself fully in the beauty of fall, from the first hints of autumn to the crisp days of November.

Starting early also provides a smoother transition from one season to another. Instead of a sudden shift from summer’s bright colors to fall’s warm tones, your decor undergoes a gradual and gentle transformation. This gradual shift feels more natural and makes it easier to adjust from the carefree days of summer to the cozy comforts of fall.

Last, fall is a season filled with traditions and cherished memories. Starting your fall decorating early allows you to create lasting memories with the people you love most. Whether it’s the joy of picking apples with your family, carving pumpkins with friends or simply enjoying a quiet evening by the fire, your decorated space becomes the backdrop for these activities. You’ll surely treasure the memories you create while surrounded by the warm, inviting ambiance of fall decor for years to come.

It’s never too early to start decorating for fall because it allows you to immerse yourself in the season’s beauty, build anticipation, create lasting memories and savor the details that make fall truly special. It’s an invitation to celebrate the season as a journey, not just a destination, and to embrace the art of living in harmony with the ever-changing rhythms of nature. So, as you embark on your fall decorating journey, remember that the magic of fall is a gift worth unwrapping slowly — one cozy moment at a time.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Fall Atmosphere

Now that we’ve covered when to start decorating and shared why it’s never too early, let’s get to the fun stuff: tips for creating the perfect fall atmosphere in your home!

pumpkin picking candle

1. Prepare a Feast for the Senses with Candles

Candles are among the most enchanting ways to infuse your home with the spirit of fall. Fall candles, with their flickering flames and captivating scents, have a unique power to transform your space into a cozy autumnal haven. Here at Homesick, we have you covered! Here are some must-have options for your fall fragrance list.

  • Pumpkin Picking Candle: When we envision fall, our Pumpkin Picking candle immediately springs to mind. Its warm, spicy aroma envelops your senses, conjuring images of pumpkin patches and pies baking in the oven. Lighting this candle is like bringing a slice of autumn into your home. Its flickering flame and cozy scent create a sense of comfort and nostalgia that is unparalleled. 
  • New York Candle: The New York candle offers a sensory experience filled with the essence of a crisp fall afternoon in the Adirondacks. This beautifully crafted candle transports you to pumpkin patches lined with hay, where the air is infused with the comforting scents of apple peel, nutmeg and clove. When you light it, you’ll experience the warmth of cinnamon, the richness of pumpkin and the earthy undertones of hay. Our New York candle’s inviting aroma culminates in a soothing base of fresh water and musk, creating an atmosphere that’s as cozy as a New York autumn day. 

Beyond the iconic pumpkin and New York candles, there are many other scents to explore. From Autumn Hayride to Gone Hiking, these candles capture the essence of the season. Check out our fall scents list to discover some of our favorites. Consider mixing and matching scents to create your own signature fall aroma. Experimentation is part of the fun of fall candle shopping!

A Note About Candle Placement and Safety

When using fall candles as part of your decor, it’s crucial to consider placement and safety. Ensure that candles are placed on stable surfaces away from flammable materials, and keep them out of kids’ and pets’ reach. Consider using decorative candle holders or lanterns to enhance both safety and aesthetics. Now that we’ve covered when to start decorating, the role of fall candles and candle safety, let’s delve into more practical tips for creating the perfect fall atmosphere in your home:

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2. Bring the Outdoors in with Nature-Inspired Centerpieces 

Capture the beauty of the season by creating nature-inspired centerpieces. Fill glass vases with colorful leaves, acorns or pine cones collected from your yard or a local park. For a touch of elegance, place votive candles among the natural elements. These centerpieces not only celebrate fall but also add a rustic charm to your dining or coffee table.

cozy up with warm pillows

3. Cozy Up with Warm Throws and Pillows 

Swap out lightweight summer throws and pillows for their cozier counterparts. Think plush blankets in deep, earthy tones and throw pillows adorned with fall motifs like pumpkins or leaves. Drape a throw over the back of your sofa and pile on the pillows to create an inviting and warm seating area.

4. Spice Up Your Front Porch Decor

Extend your autumn decorating beyond the confines of your home by giving your front porch a festive fall vibe. Set up displays of pumpkins, gourds and mums in rustic containers, and add a fall wreath to your front door for a charming touch. Don’t forget to place lanterns or outdoor candles to create a warm and inviting entryway.

making fall themed art

5.  Display Seasonal Art and Prints 

Swap out existing artwork with pieces that reflect the season. Consider hanging autumn-themed prints or paintings in your living room or dining area. This simple change can significantly impact your decor and bring the beauty of fall indoors in seconds.

6. Embrace Autumnal Textiles 

Elevate your fall decor with textiles reminiscent of the season. Think about changing your table linens to warm, rich colors like deep oranges, burgundies or olive greens. Add an elegant touch to your dining table with a fall-themed table runner. Additionally, consider adding an autumn-inspired area rug to anchor your living room or dining space.

7. Make DIY Fall Crafts

Get creative and work on some DIY fall crafts. Create your own wreaths, garlands or candle holders using natural elements like pine cones, twigs and dried flowers. These handmade pieces add a personal touch and infuse your home with the spirit of fall. Plus, you can create memories by planning a fall crafting day with family and friends. 

8. Prepare for Harvest-Inspired Dining 

Set your dining table with harvest-inspired dishware and glassware. Earthy ceramics, amber glass and vintage flatware are perfect for this time of year. Don’t forget to incorporate natural elements like wood chargers or woven placemats for an authentic touch.

Assemble Fall Floral Arrangements

9. Assemble Fall Floral Arrangements 

Fresh flowers aren’t just for spring and summer. They’re great for fall too! Create stunning fall floral arrangements with seasonal blooms like dahlias, sunflowers and chrysanthemums. Add branches, berries and colorful foliage to give your arrangements that unmistakable autumnal flair. Place these arrangements on your dining table, mantel or entryway for an instant touch of fall beauty.

10. Decorate and Display Pumpkins 

Pumpkins are synonymous with fall, and there are countless ways to incorporate them into your autumn decor. Aside from traditional jack-o’-lantern carving, consider painting pumpkins with intricate designs, metallic finishes or chalk paint. When you’re finished, use your pumpkins to create eye-catching displays on your porch.

11. Add Fragrance with Fall-Scented Potpourri

Celebrate the scents of fall by creating your own scented potpourri. Combine dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, cloves and dried apple slices in a decorative bowl. Place it in your living room or kitchen to fill the air with delightful fall fragrances.

12. Display Autumnal Wall Hangings 

Add depth to your fall decor by hanging seasonal wall art. Consider tapestries or fabric banners featuring fall foliage, inspirational quotes or cozy scenes. These wall hangings become focal points in your home, adding warmth and character to your decor.

Wrapping Up

The timing of fall decorating is a personal choice, and the beauty of it lies in the freedom to embrace the cozy allure of autumn whenever you please. As we’ve discovered, there’s no such thing as “too early”  when it comes to adorning your home with the warm hues and comforting scents of the season. Whether you choose to start in late summer to extend the magic or wait until the first cool breeze, the essence of fall is always ready to envelop you. 

Whether it’s the allure of pumpkin-spiced everything, the rich tapestry of fall foliage or simply the desire for a cozy, inviting home, know that the perfect moment to decorate for fall is the moment that feels right to you. Embrace the seasonal magic, let your creativity flourish and transform your space into a fall-tastic haven that reflects your style and love for this enchanting time of year. Happy decorating! 


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