7 Clean and Fragrant Homesick Candles for the Bathroom

Without a doubt, the bathroom is the most essential and functional room in your home. It’s a room you’re guaranteed to visit throughout the day, and a room your guests are likely to see during their stay. So, of course, we want our bathrooms to smell fresh and inviting. Whether it’s an en suite where you go through your daily routine, your personal home spa where you enjoy a soak in the tub or a guest bathroom typically reserved for company, you’ll want every bathroom in your home to provide a pleasant sensory experience. To effortlessly perfume your powder rooms every day, freshen up your bathrooms with these clean and fragrant Homesick candles. 

For Your Everyday Bathroom: Refreshing and Relaxing Scents 

Between the time you spend getting ready in the morning and the time you spend preparing to turn in at night, your bathroom is a part of your daily routine. And since you regularly spend a good portion of your day in this room, you’ll definitely want this space to be filled with a fresh, pleasant scent. Switch between our perfect everyday, refreshing and relaxing aromatherapy candles to enhance your daily bathroom routine–morning and night. 

morning refresh candle

Morning Refresh: Make getting out of bed and preparing for the day ahead a little brighter with a refreshing citrus-scented candle. Energizing notes of grapefruit and lemon will awaken your senses, while floral jasmine sweetens up your morning routine. 

Evening Unwind: Green tea and lavender form the perfect aromatic pair in our Evening Unwind candle. Whether your nighttime routine is quick and easy or involves a complex multi-step skincare ritual, you’ll want to linger in your bathroom just a little longer to enjoy these soothing scents. 

For Your Home Spa: Luxurious and Restorative Aromas

Even if the bathroom you’ve designated as your home spa doesn’t have a sauna or facials and massages on tap, you can still make your bathroom feel and smell like a self-care sanctuary.  Make your home smell like a spa with restorative and rejuvenating scents that make lounging in the tub with a face mask feel like a five-star luxury retreat.  

Miami Candle: Pamper yourself with a quick spa trip to the coastal city of Miami. Relax and let go of any tension as you enjoy the stress-relieving scent of lavender blended with tropical notes of coconut and sandy shores. Our Miami Candle is sure to enhance all of your me-time moments. 

The Hamptons: Escape from the hectic pace of everyday life with the scents of New York City’s summer getaway. Fresh notes of white linen, mineral springs and lily of the valley evoke the feeling of slipping into a plush spa robe. 

Love Candle: Indulge in some self-love with the sweet and calming aromas of jasmine and rose. Rounded out with the clean and rejuvenating scent of lemon, this floral candle is the perfect fragrance to light as you soak in the tub. The only other thing you need is a good book and a glass of rosé. 

For Your Guest Bathroom: Fresh and Revitalizing Fragrances 

Say goodbye to musty and damp odors in a not-often-used spare bathroom. Instead, greet your guests with fresh fragrances by conveniently keeping scented candles in any bathroom company might use. When you’re expecting guests, be sure to safely light one of our clean, fragrant candles in any of the bathrooms they may visit to refresh the room with a pleasant scent. 

new home candle

New Home Candle: Make your bathroom smell brand-new with this clean citrus candle. A fragrance that reminds you of fresh-out-of-the-laundry linens and the citrusy-scent of a just-scrubbed space, this candle will instantly freshen up any guest bathroom. 

Southern California Candle: Crisp scents of orange and lemon, a refreshing splash of saltwater and a botanical blend of rose and jasmine combine to make up our sea breeze and citrus Southern California Candle. This bright, clean fragrance is perfect for perfuming your guest bathrooms, providing company with a sensory escape to a sunny day at the beach.  

Refresh Your Bathrooms With a Clean, New Scent 

Give your bathrooms a lift with bright, fresh and fragrant scented candles. Opt for refreshing and relaxing aromas that complement your daily routine, restorative scents to upgrade your home spa experience and clean fragrances to refresh your guest bathrooms. Candles are an effortless way to spruce up these spaces, make your house a little homier and fill your day-to-day with happiness-inspiring scents.