Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice: These 10 Fall Candles Will Have You Ready for Sweater Weather

Anyone who’s ever crunched through a pile of multi-hued leaves or sipped warm apple cider on an October afternoon can agree that fall comes with its own unique brand of nostalgia. It transports you back to chilly autumn nights huddled in the stands at a football game or days spent searching for the perfect pumpkin in the patch. And when the aromas and flavors of fall can instantly take you on a sensory trip down memory lane, it’s no wonder that sales of autumn’s seasonal treats contribute to an over $600 million market for pumpkin spice confections. Because anyone who’s ever indulged in the guilty pleasure of sipping on a rich and creamy pumpkin spice latte can agree that this cozy coffee drink can somehow instantly evoke all the warm and fuzzy feelings of fall. 

While the taste of a juicy, fresh-picked apple or a bite of a gooey, freshly baked cinnamon roll will certainly bring you back to bygone fall days, the scents of the season are just as powerful for whisking you away to your favorite autumnal experience, even if only in spirit. So no matter where you are, you can enjoy the aromas that remind you of a crisp fall hayride, sugar-coated apple cider doughnuts or long walks among the falling leaves. And all you have to do is light one of Homesick’s fall scented candles to surround yourself with that uniquely cozy nostalgia of the season.  

meadow in autumn with bench

How We Capture Fall in a Candle 

So how exactly do we pour and package the essence of the season into our fall scented candles? From family trips to the apple orchard to cozy nights snuggled up by the fireplace with a steamy mug of tea, favorite fall memories are different for everyone–which is why there’s an autumn-inspired Homesick candle carefully crafted to capture each of these distinct fall experiences in a single jar. We start by thinking of all the quintessential fall activities we look forward to every year as the summer winds down and the leaves start to change, and reminiscing on those warm recollections of Septembers, Octobers and Novembers past. Then, we pinpoint those nostalgic scents that remind us of the places, people and tastes we love most about the season. Whether it’s the sweet and spicy aroma of cinnamon or the crisp, earthy smell of fall foliage, the classic scents of autumn are sure to warm you both inside and out with the comforting spirit of the season. Here are just a few of the familiar fragrances you’ll find in our favorite candles for fall.

  • Apple: Whether it’s a crisp, ripe Red Delicious plucked straight from the branch, soft and sweet slices baked into a fresh-out-of-the-oven pie or the sugary caramel-coated variety, apples are undeniably a staple fruit of fall. So it’s no surprise that when you smell the subtle, bright sweetness of this seasonal crop, you’ll immediately recall afternoons spent among the apple trees and the delectable treats you made with your harvest. 
  • Pumpkin: Speaking of autumn’s ubiquitous crops, it’s no secret that the most popular produce of the season by far is fall’s signature squash–the pumpkin. Fun fact: Did you know that this vibrant orange gourd is actually a fruit? Its botanical category aside, though, there’s no denying the pumpkin’s versatility as not only a tasty ingredient but the perfect autumn decor, as well. Enjoy the flavors of pumpkin in your morning cup of Joe, carve a couple to serve some spooky Halloween vibes or treat yourself to a slice of creamy pumpkin pie. Better yet, sit back, cozy up on the couch and light your favorite pumpkin spice candle to instantly indulge in this quintessential fall fragrance. 

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  • Cinnamon: Spicy, warm and inviting, the scent of cinnamon feels synonymous with fall. Sprinkled over a toasty baked apple or enjoyed in a hot mug of tea, this flavorful spice reminds us of coming home and snuggling up after a brisk, fall day–which is why we layered it into nearly every one of our fall scented candles. You can simply flick a match to transform your space into a homey fall oasis with the cozy aroma of cinnamon. 
  • Nutmeg: A member of the pumpkin pie spice family, nutmeg goes hand in hand with many of the other aromatic spices that evoke our favorite fall memories. This nutty spice in particular has a warmth to it that reminds us of that first sip of a pumpkin spice latte on a cool fall morning. But even if you don’t have time to swing by your go-to coffee shop for your autumn-spiked concoction, the notes of nutmeg in many of our fall favorite candles will leave you with that same toasty feeling.  
  • Clove: Another essential seasoning in a perfect pumpkin pie spice blend, this deeply flavorful and aromatic spice might call to mind the heat and sweetness of mulled cider or chai tea. Bold and energizing, the smell of cloves is the perfect scent to wake up to on a fall morning. 
  • Vanilla: Vanilla is one of those universally welcoming scents. With its light, sweet fragrance, it’s not only a familiar and happy aroma everyone can enjoy, but it also pairs well with other fragrances. This makes it perfect for blending into many of our candles and, particularly, our candles that capture fall in a jar. Layered with notes of cinnamon and apple, it may evoke memories of your mom’s beloved baked goods, while mixed with maple and sandalwood, it may take you back to an autumn road trip among Vermont’s changing leaves. 

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  • Hay: Is any fall complete without a ride through the apple orchards or pumpkin patch, perched on a bale of hay and a cool autumn breeze in the air? We infused the sweet, earthy smell of hay into a few of our fall candles, so you can enjoy this nostalgic scent and escape to memories of hay rides spent cozied up in a blanket, a cup of cider in hand.

Our Favorite Candles for Fall 

No matter what you enjoy most about the season, whether it’s the limited-edition fall flavors or the traditions that bring you right back to your childhood, we’ve found a balanced blend of scents to fill each of our hand-poured fall candles created to carry you away to your perfect autumn day–anytime, anywhere. 

  • Pumpkin Patch: Take a quick trip to the pumpkin patch with this perfect fall candle, fused with all the fragrances that remind you of adventures among the bright orange gourds. Vibrant notes of lemon and nutmeg meld into the classic autumn aromas of ginger, cinnamon, clove and, of course, pumpkin. Rounding out with base notes of vanilla and sugar, you’ll not only recall spotting the perfect soon-to-be jack-o’-lantern, but the warm, sweet apple cider and doughnuts you rewarded yourself with afterward. 
  • Grandma’s Kitchen Candle: After a brisk fall day frolicking in the abundant piles of freshly fallen leaves, there was nothing more comforting than warming up in grandma’s kitchen, with the smell of sweet homemade confections filling the whole house. As a thank you to all the grandmothers who made everything they baked with love, we set out to capture the warmth of their hugs and the joy that they bring in this apple cinnamon candle. With the aroma of rich butter, toasty cloves and syrupy sugar, we created a candle that feels like grandma’s home. 
  • Boston Candle: Reminiscent of walking along the Charles River Esplanade while sipping a spicy, chai tea latte, this cinnamon and tea Boston candle conveys the essence of a September day in this New England city. While a base note of musk lends an outdoorsy aroma to the candle, the bright scents of orange, cinnamon and ginger make this city’s fragrance particularly perfect for fall. And, of course, you can’t forget the top note of tea in a city well-known for it’s very famous Tea Party.

favorite fall candles boston graphic

  • New Hampshire Candle: When a state’s official fruit is the pumpkin, you know it has to be an optimal fall destination. Escape to a fall day in New Hampshire with an autumnal apple cider candle, layered with seasonal scents like apple, cinnamon, cider, hay and vanilla. Cozy up with these nostalgic, comforting aromas and you’ll practically be able to taste the warm cider on your lips. 
  • Friday Night Football: Grab your popcorn, find your friends in the bleachers and cheer on your team on this cool, autumn Friday night. The smell of the grass on the field, the cedar wood stands and that classic buttery concession snack puts you right in the crowd, roaring with your fellow fans for every touchdown. 
  • New York Candle: While the Adirondacks are a scenic region year round, there may be no better time to visit this pocket of the Empire State than autumn. And a fall getaway is just a match away with this fall-inspired New York candle. With a base note of earthy musk evocative of the plentiful foliage, a mid note of river to bring to mind the breathtaking bodies of water throughout the region and a top note of apple peel, you can enjoy an aromatic exploration of autumn in Upstate New York. 
  • Apple Orchard: After an afternoon spent strolling through the orchards, searching for the ripest and juiciest apples of them all, your basket is overflowing with the sweet, crisp fruit. Now, what to make with all these apples? Mix with mandarin leaf for a hint of citrus, sprinkle in cloves and cinnamon for a little spice, add in pomegranate for a touch of tartness and finish off with sugar. That’s what we did with our Apple Orchard candle and the result is a recipe for delight.
 favorite fall candles apple orchard graphic
  • Vermont Candle: Ideal for anyone who grew up in the Green Mountain State or anyone looking to embark on a sensory exploration of Vermont’s vibrant fall foliage, this sweet and botanical Vermont Candle will instantly transport you there. Earthy aromas of eucalyptus, amber and sandalwood meet sweet notes of vanilla, maple and baked pie. Together, these scents mingle to evoke an autumn day well-spent in this picturesque New England state.
  • Syracuse Candle: What makes this college town a must-see city during fall? There’s the Great New York State Fair, an annual extravaganza of agriculture and entertainment that marks the transition from summer to the early days of fall. There are crowds packing into the stands for a football game at the city’s namesake university. And, of course, there’s orange abound, a signature color of the season. In a cozy fall candle devoted to an autumn in Syracuse, you’ll find all the scents of sweater weather, including apple peel, cinnamon, pumpkin and hay. 
  • Road Trip: Looking to take in all the sights of the season, cruise among the colorful leaves and stop in undiscovered towns for impromptu autumn adventures? It’s time to take a road trip. And in our Road Trip candle, you’ll find the familiar scent of worn-in leather seats, the smell of cedar wood as the trees pass by outside the open window and the warm, honeyed aroma of amber that feels uniquely fall. 

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Experience the Scents of Fall All Year Long 

We’ve filled each of our fall scented candles with a custom blend of fragrances specially crafted to evoke the memories, feelings and experiences we love about the season. Our collection of hand-poured, autumnal candles are the perfect way to retreat to a fall state of mind, no matter what month the calendar reads. Find the fall-inspired Homesick candles that remind you of all your favorite parts of the season and enjoy these nostalgic scents that can keep that warm and cozy fall feeling alive all year long.