7 Best Candles for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are functional spaces and personal sanctuaries where you can unwind, relax and rejuvenate. What better way to enhance this oasis of serenity than with the gentle flickering glow and delightful aromas of candles? We’ll guide you through our top picks for the best candles to elevate your bathroom experience, transforming it into a tranquil space where you can pamper yourself and wash away the day’s cares. And if you aren’t a candle fan, many of these fragrances are also available as reed diffusers. From calming spa scents to sunny summertime vibes, there’s something here for everyone. 

1. Spa-cation

homesick spa-cation candle

Designed to transport you to a blissful state of relaxation, this exquisite candle is meticulously crafted with a luxurious blend of scents that evoke the serene atmosphere of a spa retreat. Our Spa-cation candle captures the essence of tranquil moments with notes of oud wood, cucumber water and patchouli, along with energizing lemon peel and melon aromas. As the candle’s flame dances, it releases a soothing fragrance that envelops your bathroom, creating a serene ambiance and transforming your bathing experience into a spa-like getaway. 

2. SoCal

SoCal offers the perfect embodiment of the sun-soaked and carefree spirit of Southern California. Featuring zesty citrus notes along with sea breeze, vanilla, clove and musk, this candle’s aroma will instantly transport you to a coastal paradise. Infuse the essence of Southern California into your bathroom with our SoCal candle, and let its delightful fragrance envelop you in a nostalgic embrace of sun-soaked bliss.

3. Beach Cottage

Close your eyes, breathe in and transport yourself to sun-drenched shores with this carefully crafted scent. Beach Cottage features a harmonious blend of notes reminiscent of a tranquil beachside retreat, including hints of a salty ocean breeze, sun-kissed sands and fresh coastal florals surrounded by the alluring aromas of sandalwood, bergamot and tonka beans. It also features anxiety-reducing frankincense. What does frankincense smell like? Find out here.  

As this candle burns, it will fill your bathroom with a warm and inviting aroma, creating a soothing atmosphere that brings a sense of calm. Whether you’re longing for a tropical escape or simply seeking to create a serene ambiance, the Beach Cottage candle from Homesick is the perfect companion for your bathroom

4. Wildflowers

homesick wildflowers candle

Wildflowers is a fragrant treasure that captures the essence of blooming meadows and enchanting floral fields. It releases a captivating bouquet of wildflowers, immersing your space in the sweet scents of nature’s beauty. The delicate combination of jasmine, rose, lavender and other floral notes creates a soothing and uplifting ambiance reminiscent of a stroll through a serene garden. 

As this fragrance fills your bathroom, it effortlessly brings a touch of tranquility to your daily self-care rituals. Immerse yourself in the serenity of the Wildflowers candle and let its gentle aroma transport you to a world of blissful relaxation.

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5. Gone Hiking

If you’re a nature lover and would like to bring a bit of the outdoors inside, our Gone Hiking candle is a great choice. This woodsy-scented candle features notes of cedarwood and sandalwood along with the aromas of pine, fresh waters, moss and ivy. Immerse yourself in this amazing fragrance, and you just might feel like you are lounging on a soft bed of moss surrounded by tall pines

6. Happy Place

Make your bathroom your happy place with our Happy Place candle. Featuring notes of jasmine, orange flower, red currant, grapefruit, lemon zest and white lily, it offers the perfect blend of invigoration and relaxation. With one sniff, you’ll feel like your bathroom is filled with bright rays of sunshine. This candle might even make you feel recharged if you use it while getting ready in the morning. Try a 3-wick candle if you have a larger bathroom or want to use this fragrance in another part of your home. 

7. New Home

homesick new home candle

This fragrance is carefully crafted to capture the essence of new beginnings and the comforting familiarity of settling into a new space. Designed to evoke a sense of warmth, nostalgia and excitement, it’s perfect for breathing new life into your bathroom — even if you’ve already lived in your home for several years. 

Our New Home candle creates an ambiance that instantly freshens up any space with its inviting blend of fresh linen, crisp air and subtle notes of cedarwood, musk and florals. Let this candle’s gentle glow and enchanting scent fill the air, bringing comfort and tranquility to your bathroom. 


Selecting the perfect candle for your bathroom can transform the space into a serene and spa-like retreat. Whether you prefer calming and relaxing scents like lavender and eucalyptus or refreshing and invigorating fragrances like citrus and sea salt, the right candle can create the ambiance you desire. You could even buy customizable candles to create a signature scent for your bathroom. 

We offer a wide range of exquisite candles specifically designed to enhance your environment. Indulge yourself in the soothing glow and captivating scents of these candles, and let your bathroom become a sanctuary where you can unwind, rejuvenate and escape the stresses of the day.