19 Best Wedding Gift Favors

19 Best Wedding Gift Favors

When you’re planning a wedding, remembering every detail is tricky. From choosing a venue to selecting decor, there are plenty of things to do. You also need to consider what you’ll use as wedding favors. Sure, you can give just about anything as a wedding favor. But if you’d like to give your guests something that won’t end up in the trash or shoved in a junk drawer, you’ll need to get a bit creative. 

Not sure where to start? We have you covered! We created this list of the 19 best wedding gift favors to help you choose something that will surely make your guests smile. From candles and teas to hot sauce and honey, here are some awesome wedding favor ideas for your big day! 

1. Personalized Candles

Candles are always great for gift-giving. They’re versatile, customizable and last for a long time. While everyone chooses wedding colors, not everyone has a signature wedding scent. Why not try something new and give customizable candles as wedding favors? The options are limitless, and a nice candle is much more likely to get used after the wedding than a monogrammed drink koozie.

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Choose wedding candles based on your favorite scents, or go with a fragrance reminiscent of your theme or location. For example, our Beach Cottage 3-wick candles are perfect if you’re getting married on the beach. Candles are excellent options if you’re figuring out what to put in a care package, too. 

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2. Succulents

Succulents are great wedding favors because they’re unique, easy to care for and thrive in nearly any environment. They don’t require much water and can live in the same pot for years, making them a great gift even for guests who aren’t plant-savvy. If you have any leftovers, you can create a terrarium or plant them in your garden. 

3. Mini Champagne Bottles

If you want to give your wedding guests a favor they’ll remember, mini champagne bottles are a great option. They are unique and can help your guests have a fantastic time at the reception. If you want to make your favor stand out even more, consider having custom labels made. No matter how you customize the bottles, your guests will love this fun and adorable favor. 

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4. Gourmet Chocolates

Candy is always a good choice, and gourmet chocolates make perfect wedding favors. Choose chocolates that you love and are sure to please your guests. Consider having them packaged in a beautiful way to make them extra special for your big day. Chocolate favors are great because they’re delicious and add a lovely touch when used to decorate the tables at a wedding reception. 

5. Seed Packets

Spread the love with your wedding favors by giving them seed packets. Whether you choose flower, fruit or vegetable seeds, this is a cute way to encourage your loved ones and friends to grow something beautiful or delicious (or both!) in honor of your nuptials. Purchase seeds that are easy to grow in various climates unless all your guests are local. 

6. Miniature Jars of Honey

Share some sweetness on your wedding day by sending your guests home with miniature bottles of honey. You can purchase pre-filled miniatures with custom labels or fill each jar yourself to save money. All you’ll need is small glass jars, a large jar of your favorite honey (or multiple jars, depending on the size of your guest list) and gift tags or labels. Carefully fill each jar with honey, attach labels or gift tags and your gift is ready for giving. 

7. Personalized Tea Bags

Personalized tea bags are delightful and thoughtful wedding favors that will surely leave a lasting impression on your guests. With their charming and customizable packaging, they add a personal touch to your special day. 

Whether you choose a blend of soothing chamomile, invigorating green tea or fragrant Earl Grey, each guest can savor a cup of warmth and relaxation long after the festivities are over. As they steep their tea, they will be reminded of the love and joy shared during your wedding celebration, making personalized tea bags a truly memorable and cherished favor.

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8. Customized Lip Balm

Pucker up! If you’d like to give your guests a wedding favor that’s both fun and functional, you can’t go wrong with lip balm. Customized lip balm is a delightful and practical wedding favor that will leave your guests feeling pampered and appreciated. With custom labels or packaging, you can add a personal touch by including your names, wedding date, monogram or a heartfelt message. 

This simple gift shows your guests how much their presence means to you and allows them to carry a memento of your wedding wherever they go. Whether it’s a soothing balm with a hint of mint, a luscious fruity flavor or a subtle vanilla scent, each guest can indulge in a nourishing lip treatment long after your special day. 

9. Personalized Mason Jars

Mason jars are popular wedding favors and can be used for many things. You can personalize them with stickers or paint or fill them with candy, nuts or other treats. There are countless ways to personalize mason jars to use as wedding favors, so you’ll easily find something that fits your style and your wedding theme. 

10. Miniature Bottles of Olive Oil

Offering miniature bottles of olive oil as wedding favors not only provides a unique and elegant gift but also holds deep symbolism. The olive tree and its fruit have long been associated with peace, abundance and unity, making it a perfect representation of your love and the coming together of two families. The olive branch, an ancient symbol of peace, harmony and fertility, is often intertwined with wedding ceremonies, making the inclusion of olive oil favors even more meaningful. 

When your guests receive these miniature bottles, they receive a token of your well wishes and a reminder of the blessings that come with a marriage rooted in love. Just as olive oil is known for its versatility and ability to enhance flavors, may your marriage be a blend of harmony and joy, nourishing and enriching the lives of all who are touched by it.

11. Hand Fans

As summer wedding favors, hand fans are a lovely way to show your appreciation and thoughtfulness. They can be personalized with your names, wedding colors or even a heartfelt message. When the temperature rises, your guests will be thankful for having something to help cool themselves off. 

12. Personalized Shot Glasses

Personalized shot glasses are fun and sure to have your guests raising a toast in celebration of your special day. They offer a unique and personal touch, allowing you to engrave your names, wedding date or a special message on each glass. Whether used for celebratory shots or displayed as a cherished keepsake, personalized shot glasses are a symbol of the love and gratitude you have for your guests. 

Let the laughter and merriment that fill these shot glasses be a reminder of the incredible memories created during your wedding, and may the spirit of happiness and unity continue long after the last toast is made.

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13. Mini Bottles of Maple Syrup

Giving mini bottles of maple syrup as wedding favors adds a touch of sweetness and warmth to your special day. These favors not only bring a taste of nature’s goodness but also represent the natural and pure love shared between you and your partner. Maple syrup, with its rich amber hue and distinct flavor, and the trees from which it is made are symbols of abundance, tradition and the sweetness of life. After your big day, your guests can enjoy drizzling this liquid gold on pancakes or waffles, creating a moment of indulgence that will forever remind them of the love and joy experienced at your wedding. 

14. Custom-Scented Soap Bars

Personalized soaps offer a fun sensory experience and allow your loved ones to pamper themselves with a fragrant reminder of your special day. Choose scents that reflect your unique style and preferences, whether it’s a soothing lavender, a refreshing citrus blend or a romantic rose bouquet. With personalized packaging or labels, these soap bars are both practical gifts and thoughtful mementos of your celebration.

15. Bottle Openers

Bottle openers are excellent wedding favors, especially if you’re serving alcohol at the reception. These handy tools are not only functional but also serve as a reminder of your wedding day. Each time your guests reach for these bottle openers, they will fondly recall the memories of raising a toast in honor of your love and commitment. Whether it’s a classic stainless steel opener, a whimsical design or a sleek and modern style, your guests will surely appreciate this unique and practical wedding favor.

16. Wine Stoppers

Giving wine stoppers as wedding favors is a sophisticated choice that your friends and loved ones will appreciate. These accessories not only preserve the flavor and freshness of unfinished bottles of wine but also serve as lovely keepsakes. Let these favors serve as a reminder to savor life's precious moments and toast to the lifelong love and happiness that your marriage represents.

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17. Small Bags of Gourmet Coffee Beans

If you or your spouse-to-be loves coffee, a small bag of gourmet coffee is a great wedding favor that allows you to share one of your favorite things with your guests. You can have each bag customized with a label featuring your names, wedding date, a special message or even artwork of your choosing. If you serve alcohol at your reception, your guests will appreciate having some good coffee to enjoy the next morning when their hangovers kick in! 

18. Miniature Bottles of Hot Sauce

Spice up your wedding with miniature bottles of hot sauce. This unique gift offers a nice change of pace from the typical personalized water bottle or box of chocolates. These flavorful favors not only provide a burst of heat but also reflect your unique tastes and personalities. With their compact size and personalized labels or tags, these miniature bottles make a bold statement and a practical gift that guests can enjoy long after the wedding festivities. Whether it’s a fiery habanero, a smoky chipotle or a tangy sriracha, each guest can add a dash of flavor and excitement to their favorite dishes. 

19. Mini Travel Kit

Giving mini travel kits as wedding favors is a practical and thoughtful choice that ensures your guests are well-prepared for their adventures. Prepare compact kits containing essential toiletries like hand sanitizer, lip balm, mini lotion and wet wipes. Earplugs and mini sewing kits make great additions too. You could even add a small candle so your guests can surround themselves with a lovely fragrance while traveling. These practical favors are perfect for guests on the go and can be personalized with labels or tags.

By providing your guests with these thoughtful favors, you are showing your appreciation for their presence but also offering them convenience and comfort on their future travels. Whether they are embarking on a weekend getaway or a long-awaited vacation, these mini travel kits will remind them of your big day. 

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Choosing unique wedding favors is an opportunity to showcase your creativity, thoughtfulness and personal style. From candles to miniature bottles of hot sauce, the options are endless. These distinctive favors go beyond traditional trinkets, making a lasting impression on your guests and serving as keepsakes of the love and joy shared on your special day. 

By carefully selecting thoughtful and practical favors, you are not only showing appreciation to your loved ones but also creating memorable moments that will be cherished for years to come. Let your imagination run wild and choose wedding favors that are as extraordinary as your love story. Your guests will be delighted by the unique and unforgettable tokens of your affection, making your wedding day even more special.


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