Where to Put a Reed Diffuser – Finding the Best Spot

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Did you recently get a reed diffuser as a gift from someone special or for yourself and are unsure where to place it? While you might think that just anywhere will do fine, there are better places than others. But don’t worry, we’re here to take all of the guesswork out of it and tell you exactly where to put a reed diffuser around the house to make the most of its amazing scent. 

Why Your Reed Diffuser Placement Matters

How long do reed diffusers last? Homesick reed diffusers include an approximately 118 ml oil bottle, which should get you anywhere from two to three months of continuous use with proper care. One tip for proper care: Learn where to put a reed diffuser around your home to keep it away from drafts and sunlight so you can preserve the scent and make it last as long as possible. 

Of course, it also helps to know where to put a reed diffuser so that you can actually enjoy the smell too. Keeping it tucked in a corner that you never pass by does little good. So, take our advice and discover all the best places you can put a reed diffuser so you can appreciate it each and every day. 

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Where to Put a Reed Diffuser

OK, so where should one place a reed diffuser? Here are some of the best spots around your home. Let’s break it down room by room. 

The Bathrooms

Bathrooms are an excellent space to put a reed diffuser. Spacious vanity countertops that you pass by each time you wash your hands can carry the scent all the way through. For bathrooms, you can choose all kinds of scents and aromas too. You can go with something floral to conceal other bad odors or something citrusy and zesty to make it smell clean and pure. Reed diffusers also offer essential oils that can offer antibacterial properties. At the very least, the right reed diffuser can offer a joyful start to your day and make you feel energized. 

Main and Guest Bedrooms

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Want to place a reed diffuser in the bedroom? There are several places you could put a reed diffuser, from a nightstand to a dresser. However, we recommend placing the diffuser on the nightstand so that the scent can relax you as you unwind at the end of a long day. For your bedroom, choose your reed diffuser wisely, sticking to relaxing scents like lavender, jasmine or ylang ylang. Fun fact: Ylang ylang can also simultaneously soothe the mind and boost your libido. Just another reason to keep a reed diffuser on the nightstand. If you find your reed diffuser too strong that close to the bed as you sleep, removing a reed or two can soften the scent. 

The Mudroom

Mudrooms pick up all kinds of funky smells, from your wet dog to running shoes and so much more. So we highly recommend adding a reed diffuser to this area. If your mudroom has an entryway table, place it there! Whenever you pass through with your pup or go to hang up a raincoat, the scent will waft around, cutting through any stench or unpleasant smells. 

The same thing goes for your main entryway foyer. Sure, your boots might be stored away in the mudroom, but a New Home reed diffuser, with its clean, fresh linen scent will give this area of the home a friendly welcome to guests. One extra tip: Install a convenient and discreet PURA Smart Home Diffuser in a compact entryway so that you can emit a scent before you arrive home yourself –– all from the Homesick phone app.

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The Kitchen Area

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The kitchen area is a wonderful place to put a reed diffuser. Stick with floral and food-inspired scents –– think lemons, apple pie, pumpkins or cookies –– to integrate into this cooking space, resting the diffuser on an island countertop or breakfast bar where family often gathers. Whenever your kitchen smells of strong odors like garlic or onions, flip the reeds to cut down the cooking smells and make the space smell fresh again.

An Office Space

An office space is a smart place to add an extra-special reed diffuser, especially one you don’t necessarily want to share. Put a reed diffuser up on a bookshelf or even on your deskspace (so long as you are not facing a window) to get the most out of it. Of course, stick to scents and notes that help you stay focused and alert, such as sandalwood or mint.   

Now you know all the best spots to put a reed diffuser. Keeping your diffuser away from drafts and windows will preserve the oils so you can enjoy your reed diffuser for a long time. But with these optimal spots, you can appreciate the scent too.